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$ 0 /Month
  • 50 credits / month
  • ($0.0 per credit)
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$ 23 /Month
  • 300 credits / month
  • ($0.0767 per credit)
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$ 84 /Month
  • 1500 credits/ month
  • ($0.056 per credit)
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$ 175 /Month
  • 5000 credits / month
  • ($0.035 per credit)
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$ 280 /Month
  • 10000 credits / month
  • ($0.0280 per credit)
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$ 630 /Month
  • 30000 credits / month
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$ 850 /Month
  • 50000 credits / month
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$ 1,525 /Month
  • 100,000 credits / month
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$ 1,890 /Month
  • 150,000 credits / month
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$ 0 /Month
  • 50 credits / month
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$ 230 /Year
  • 3,600 credits / year
  • ($0.0639 per credit)
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$ 840 /Year
  • 18,000 credits / year
  • ($0.0467 per credit)
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$ 1750 /Year
  • 60,000 credits / year
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$ 2800 /Year
  • 120,000 credits / year
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$ 6,300 /Year
  • 360,000 credits / year
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$ 8,500 /Year
  • 600,000 credits / year
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$ 15,250 /Year
  • 1,200,000 credits / year
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$ 18,900 / Year
  • 1,800,000 credits / year
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Data Extraction Method Credits Used
All Rule-based extraction methods​
1 page = 1 credit
Converting PDF/Image to editable files such as Word, Excel, Text, etc.
1 page = 2 credits
Object Detection with AI (detecting specific icons, symbols, etc.)
1 page = 2 credits
Table Extraction with AI (automatic table/line items detection)
1 page = 3 credits
Queries with AI Natural Language Processing (NLP)
1 page = 3 credits
Form Data Extraction with AI (Key-Value Pairs)
1 page = 5 credits

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The performance of AlgoDocs looks amazing! Accuracy is 100%. Well done AlgoDocs team. And your customer service is incredible. Really appreciate your team's hard work on this stuff.
Aaron Stahl
CEO | P3 Cost Analysts
Trusted by customers across the globe
Trusted by customers across the globe

Frequently Asked Questions

How AlgoDocs charges for the documents it processes?

AlgoDocs charges only for the pages it processes! We charge only for the work we do, not more. Imagine you have a PDF file with 100 pages, but the data that you need to extract from such a file resides on the first page only. In such a case, AlgoDocs will not charge you for 100 pages but for 1 page only because it will process only the first page and ignore the rest. So, your quota will always be reduced by only the number of processed pages.

Similarly, you might need to process a range of pages only and not all pages of your PDF. Therefore, you will always be charged only for the processed pages.

How my credits are reset in annual subscription?

When you are on an annual subscription, your credits will only be reset once a year. Therefore, if you need, you can use all of the credit given to you within the first month of your subscription or even keep it throughout a year and use all of it during the last month of your subscription period. In other words, your credits are not reset monthly when you are subscribed annually. So, when you are subscribed annually, you are not forced to use your credit every month but instead use your credit throughout the year whenever you need it.

Can you create extractors and setup everything for me?

Absolutely! We offer support for creating extractors and setting up everything for all document types you have. Feel free to create a request here.

What languages are supported by AlgoDocs data extraction engines?

AlgoDocs supports data extraction from documents with EnglishSpanish, GermanFrenchPortugueseItalian and many other up to 200 languages.

Is there any limit on the size of a document?

There is no limitation on the size of documents imported to AlgoDocs. You may upload documents to AlgoDocs of any size, since AlgoDocs’ OCR engine has automatic preprocessing operations that are applied to imported documents before actual data extraction is applied. Therefore, AlgoDocs handles everything for you in terms of document sizes and preprocessing issues.

Is there any limit on the number of pages in a single document?

There is no limitation on the number of pages your pdf documents have. AlgoDocs can process PDF files that contain not only hundreds of pages but even thousands of pages. AlgoDocs is capable of extracting specific fields from thousands of PDF pages as well as tabular data that spans over hundreds or thousands of pages.

Do you offer an on-premise installation?

Yes, AlgoDocs can be installed on-premise. Please contact us for more information.

Is AlgoDocs GDPR Compliant?

Yes, AlgoDocs is GDPR Compliant and EU-based companies or EU citizens can use AlgoDocs. Please see our Security and Compliance and Privacy Policy for more information.

Is remaining credits transferred to the next billing cycle?

No, it is not. The credits assigned to your subscription plan are expected to be used until the expiration of your subscription. If your usage varies from month to month, you may consider subscribing monthly to different plans based on your needs.

Is my credits used for extra operations such as splitting a document?

No, it is not. Your credits are used only in one case – processing a page, and by “processing,” we mean data extraction. Splitting operation does not involve data extraction, so we don’t charge for it.

What are the accepted file types?

AlgoDocs accepts text & scanned PDF, JPG, PNG and TIFF files. AlgoDocs has advanced preprocessing algorithms that are applied to the documents based on their types right after you upload them.

How long does AlgoDocs process a document?

Depending on the document types, the processing time of a single page varies from around 2 seconds (text PDF documents) up to 20 seconds (scanned documents).

What is included in above plans?

AlgoDocs offers for all plans unlimited number of document types, unlimited fields to extract, unlimited number of users, unlimited downloads of extracted data, unlimited integrations and much more.

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Real people - Real reviews

AlgoDocs was exactly the program our firm was looking for to process thousands of pages of data. Their customer service is unparalleled and they go the extra mile to meet the customer's needs.

Fox Luu
Paralegal | Lenahan Law, PLLC

Processing around 5K documents per day was a headache that our customers had. Our partnership with AlgoDocs played a vital role in addressing this problem. With on-premise solution of AlgoDocs and its flexible extracting rules we believe AlgoDocs is a leader document data extraction tool.

Emin Asadov
CEO | Novum

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