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what is pdf-parser in AlgoDocs?

What is a PDF Parser?

A PDF Parser is a program or a library that enables end-users and organizations to parse data from native PDF documents. Often, organizations need to parse PDF documents for specific...
AlgoDocs converts the pdf to json

Convert PDF to JSON – Convert PDF Documents to Structured JSON Objects

Table of Contents Introduction What is a PDF? What is a JSON? How JSON differ from PDF? How to Convert PDF to JSON? Introduction Organizations in various industries widely use...
AlgoDocs uses the deep learning to extract handwritten text

Extract handwritten text from scanned PDFs and images

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engines are primarily focused on machine-printed text and may produce low accuracy for handwritten text. Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) is an advanced recognition system that is...
scanned images to excel using AlgoDocs

A guide on extracting tables from low-quality scanned documents

Many companies deal with thousands of documents every month. Document workflow automation becomes vital for such companies as the number of documents increases. One of the most frequent and at...
pdf and image tables to excel using AlgoDocs

Extract tables from PDF and scanned documents

Extracting tables from PDF documents is always a tedious task, especially when the documents are scanned PDFs. Even when the documents are computer-generated PDFs, it can still be a complex...