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Automate data extraction from your business documents with AI

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Automate document data capture with AlgoDocs AI

AlgoDocs is a powerful AI Platform developed based on the latest technologies to streamline your processes and free your team from annoying and error-prone manual data entry by offering fast, secure, and accurate document data extraction.

How it works

Automate importing your files to AlgoDocs from your business email, Gmail, or other applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and hundreds of other applications.

Extract data from your documents using AlgoDocs advanced AI engine without relying on templates or even labeling and training your files.

Simple data extraction for simple cases. Extract data from your documents based on the rules you define.

Enhance your extracted data by transforming it into the structure and format you need.

Easily take control of extracted data from your documents and handle business exceptions. Get instant notifications of missing or incorrect data your documents have.

Automate exporting extracted data directly to your database, CRM, or export to XLS, CSV, JSON, or XML formats.

Handwriting detection using AlgoDocs
Handwriting Recognizer

Extract handwritten data from your documents

AlgoDocs AI Handwriting Recognizer is capable of converting handwritten text into machine-printed text with high accuracy. Extract data from your forms, invoices or any other documents, which are filled by hand and automate the processing of your documents.
Automatic form key-value pairs and table extraction

Extract key-value pairs from invoices, purchase orders, medical reports, various forms, and other documents of any layout automatically. AlgoDocs captures all existing key-value pairs on the document and lets you keep only the ones you need. Moreover, extract tables and line items of any format automatically.

Key-value pairs and table extraction do not require labelling and training of our AI models for your documents. AI models are already pre-trained for you!

Document Types

AlgoDocs is capable of extracting data from virtually any document even with very complex layouts. With AlgoDocs, you document processing is free from templates, labelling and training!

PDF & Scanned Invoices

Having a batch of invoices from the same vendors on a regular basis? Stop wasting time on manual work of entering information from invoices into your system. AlgoDocs simplifies your work by extracting such fields as Invoice Number, Date, Total, Line Items, Customer Information from invoices automatically.

Bank Statements

AlgoDocs effectively extracts the data or line items from Bank Statements or any other financial statements that you want to process. Once data is extracted, transactions can be exported to Excel/CSV or automatically moved to the accounting system you use.

HR Forms & Payrolls

AlgoDocs allows users to extract relevant information from payrolls and various HR forms and applications and prepare it in any format the user desires.


AlgoDocs Receipt Reader allows users to get all required information from receipts, such as Tax Number, Date, Receipt Number, Total VAT and Total Amount of the receipt.

Sales & Purchase Orders

AlgoDocs allows users to extract data in the required format from sales or purchase orders and export to Excel/CSV or move to whatever system users wish them to be.

Price Lists

Extract product lists or tables reliably from either PDF or Scanned documents with an advanced AlgoDocs built in OCR engine and parser.


What clients are saying

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Billiejo Spridgeon
Billiejo SpridgeonFinance Administrator | Creditline Financial
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We are very happy with the service AlgoDocs have provided. Each query gets actioned almost immediately. Extractors can be tricky but with the support they are set up quick and easy. Great price and would highly recommend.
Aaron Stahl
Aaron StahlCEO | P3 Cost Analysts
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This [performance of AlgoDocs] looks amazing! Accuracy is 100%. Well done AlgoDocs team. And your customer service is incredible. Really appreciate your team's hard work on this stuff.
Fox Luu
Fox LuuParalegal | Lenahan Law, PLLC
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AlgoDocs was exactly the program our firm was looking for to process thousands of pages of data. Their customer service is unparalleled and they go the extra mile to meet the customer's needs.
David Hubbard
David HubbardAttorney | Hubbard Law Firm
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We were attempting to index and extract data from over 10,000 pages within a short time frame for litigation. It was impossible to find a standalone software to accomplish this that didn’t involve first solving the hellraiser puzzle box or agreeing to a yearlong subscription at a ridiculous price. I had given up until a google search highlighted I sent an email and within minutes I was signed up and underway. A 2 person 100 hour project was handled in less than a few hours. Truly amazing service that I will absolutely use again in the future!
Emin Asadov
Emin AsadovCEO | Novum
Read More
Processing around 5K documents per day was a headache that our customers had. Our partnership with AlgoDocs played a vital role in addressing this problem. With on-premise solution of AlgoDocs and its flexible extracting rules we believe AlgoDocs is a leader document data extraction tool.