"AlgoDocs frees you from annoying and error-prone manual data entry by offering fast, secure and accurate document data extraction."

AI-Powered Document Data Extraction

Extract Data From:

  • PDF Invoices
  • Scanned Invoices
  • Price Lists
  • Payrolls
  • Bank Statements
  • Sales Orders
  • Generated Reports
  • HR Forms
  • Product Catalogs
  • Purchase Orders

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How It Works

AlgoDocs is a powerful web-based AI Platform for Data Extraction that is developed using latest technologies. Extract specific fields or tables from PDFs & image files. Export extracted data to Excel or send to accounting software or many other integrations.

Automate your business in 3 simple steps with Artificial Intelligence & Highly Advanced Algorithms of AlgoDocs!

Step 1

Create extracting rules.

Step 2

Upload your documents using AlgoDocs UI/API or Email integration.

Step 3

Export extracted data to Excel/Json.

AlgoDocs uses Artificial Intelligence in all data extraction related processes. It's Highly Advanced Algorithms rely on Image Processing and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies with human vision attitude. Therefore, AlgoDocs has a reliable and accurate data extraction with the high OCR accuracy results. Text extraction from PDF documents is performed likewise using Artificial Intelligence and Self-Learning Algorithms.

Document Types

AlgoDocs is applicable to various document types and formats regardless of the number of fields to be extracted thanks to its data extraction rules flexibility.

PDF & Scanned Invoices

Having a batch of invoices from same vendors on a regular basis? Stop wasting time on manual work of entering information from invoices into your system. AlgoDocs simplifies your work by extracting such fields as Invoce Number, Date, Total, Line Items, Customer Information from invoices automatically.

Bank Statements

AlgoDocs effectively extracts the data or line items from Bank Statements or any other financial statements that you want to process. Once data is extracted, transactions can be exported to Excel/CSV or automatically moved to the accounting system you use.

HR Forms & Payrolls

AlgoDocs allows users extract relevant information from payrolls and various HR forms and applications and prepare it in any format user desires.


AlgoDocs Receipt Reader allows users to get all required information from receipts, such as Tax Number, Date, Receipt Number, Total VAT and Total Amount of the receipt.

Sales & Purchase Orders

AlgoDocs allows users extract data in required format from sales or purchase orders and export to Excel/CSV or move to whatever system users wish them to be.

Price Lists

Extract product lists or tables reliably from either PDF or Scanned documents with an advanced AlgoDocs built in OCR engine and parser.


AlgoDocs reliably extracts any type of data from statistical results that are in a form of charts or tables. Extracted Data can be used for making further analysis or comparisons and moved directly to any reporting system.

Other Documents

AlgoDocs supports various use-cases thanks to its customizable data extraction rules. It is enough for you to contact us in case you have documents with custom formats and our support team will provide a solution for your specific case.

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