Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance

Rest assured - your data is safe!

How AlgoDocs Secures Customer Data

Confidence is needed when relying on third-party vendors to manage and handle online data and files securely. Therefore, the need exists for a solution that protects the integrity of your data, in its entirety, around the clock.
We are ISO27001 (Information Security Management System) and ISO9001 (Quality Management System) certified and GDPR ready. Read below for more information.

AlgoDocs takes data security very seriously. With its culture and internal development, operations, and DevOps processes themselves have been constructed to provide maximum data security. From network and cloud instance logical security to physical data center security, AlgoDocs is able to secure services, data and access.

The AlgoDocs team has very strong background knowledge and experience in data security protocols. Only limited assigned staff members can view your data upon your request for assistance and support, otherwise noone has access to your documents or extracted data. Your documents and data extracted from them is always highly confidential for us and treated that way. Therefore, our users’ data (documents and data extracted from them) is never disclosed, used or re-selled. AlgoDocs does not decide how long to keep documents and extracted data from them and is not interested in this at all. It is only our users who decide on this by setting parameters based on their needs in their account Settings.
Please read Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more information.

Internal R&D Processes

Security-oriented environments start with high coding standards that guard against attempted security breaches and are accompanied by rigorous code reviews and tests (such as code coverage testing). AlgoDocs employs the strictest development processes and coding standards to ensure that both adhere to the best security practices. In addition, the company’s testing platform performs a set of various black box and white box tests for quality assurance (including ongoing penetration tests). R&D processes are implemented and supported with security as a top priority across all system layers, from the physical layers up to the application layer.

Data Encryption

All transactions between you and AlgoDocs are SSL encrypted. Whenever our users upload their documents to AlgoDocs or obtain extracted data from AlgoDocs either using interface, API or other integrations, the communication is secured through HTTPS encryption. Moreover, user login passwords are stored in our databases one-way hashed using advanced hashing algorithms.

Access Management

AlgoDocs supports role-based access through its interface, allowing administrators to create, delete or disable users. Customers’ account administrators manage and control user access, including provisioning new end users with a defined access permissions to folders, documents and the data extracted from documents.

PCI Compliance

All payment related processes are implemented by iyzico, a PayU company. Therefore, AlgoDocs is not subject to PCI obligations.

GDPR Compliance

We have been committed to protecting the privacy and data of our hundreds of global customers who use AlgoDocs for their document data extraction purposes. Thousands of transactions happen everyday on our site, and we value the trust you place in AlgoDocs safeguarding your personal information. At AlgoDocs, we have taken the necessary steps to be within the compliance standards of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). While many of these changes were not directly visible to users, we provide greater clarity on the way AlgoDocs collects, uses, shares and manages personal data through our Privacy Policy.