Convert PDFs and images into editable files in less than a minute

In this screencast video, we demonstrate using AlgoDocs for the conversion of PDFs and images into editable files in less than a minute..


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Welcome to another screencast video of AlgoDocs. In this video, we will demonstrate the conversion of PDF files and images into editable file types such as Microsoft Word, Excel, or text files. For converting PDF files and images into other file types, we do not need to create an extractor. Therefore, we go to “File Manager”, right-click on any folder of our choice, and select “Convert PDF or image to editable files”.

In the opened window, we choose the files that we want to convert. Then we specify the language of the documents we want to convert. If our documents contain text in multiple languages, then we can select multiple languages. Finally, we select the output file type and click on the “Upload” button. We can see our files in the folder we used to upload. The spinner icon indicates that the file is being converted. When the conversion is complete, we can download the converted editable file by clicking on its icon. Please note that if you need to capture from your documents specific fields or tables and have structured data as a result, then you will need to create an extractor for your documents.