Import documents to AlgoDocs from Google Drive

Hi, welcome to another screencast video of AlgoDocs. Today I’ll be walking us through the process of creating Google Drive integrations on your AlgoDocs account for importing documents from Google Drive to AlgoDocs for extraction. So join me as I head over to the integrations page.

In my google drive integrations page, I have to make a few settings. I need to add a “Google Drive Account” a “Google Drive Folder”, a “save in AlgoDocs folder” and lastly, an extractor.

after inputing these details, I hit the create button

my Google Drive Integration is live.

I head over to my file manager and it is empty, my selected extractor is also empty. Why is this happening?

The answer can be found in my Google drive folder. it is empty,

so I am going to upload new file. My file is uploaded.I go back to my AlgoDocs google drive integration page.

And a quick tip, Documents are imported from specified google drive account’s folders every 3 to 5 minutes, then saved in a specified AlgoDocs folder and processed based on the selected extractor.

But I can choose to use the fetch now button to quickly fetch my extracted data.

with my data now fetched, I head back to my file manager, and my document can now be seen. I refresh table in my extracted data page and i can see the extracted data.

So with this I can subsequently upload multiple documents to my specified folder on Google Drive and they are imported to Algodocs for extraction.

That brings us to the end of this video. We hope you continue to use the numerous features of Algodocs, and remember, if you have any questions or you require support, you can always reach out to us at and we’ll give you a quick response..

Thank you and See you in the next video.

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