Import Documents to AlgoDocs from SharePoint

Tired of manually importing documents from SharePoint to AlgoDocs? In this video, Joel demonstrates how to create a seamless integration between your accounts, allowing you to automatically extract data from PDFs and photos within SharePoint.

This tutorial covers:

  • Connecting your AlgoDocs and SharePoint accounts
  • Selecting the desired library and folder for document import
  • Choosing the appropriate extractor for data processing
  • Specifying the destination folder within AlgoDocs for extracted data
  • Initiating the import process and verifying successful extraction

Boost your efficiency and eliminate manual data entry with this powerful integration.

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Hi, my name is Joel. welcome to today’s video tutorial. Today I’ll be walking us through the process of creating SharePoint integration on our AlgoDocs account.

Let us head over to the integrations page

AlgoDocs offers numerous integrations and we can see just a few of them here in our integration page. We also have videos that cover the integrations AlgoDocs offers with Zapier, and we’ll also be releasing more of those videos, which you can watch and learn from.

The focus of this video today is SharePoint integration.

So let’s dive into the SharePoint integration. I brought it to the SharePoint integrations page. It says no data is available in the table. I have to create a new integration for AlgoDocs with SharePoint and how do I do that? I clicked on the create icon, and now I am being asked to provide some credentials. To be able to create a SharePoint integration, I need a URL to a SharePoint account which is owned by me or my company.

I have my SharePoint account logged in and here is my URL. So, I’m going to just copy that and I can paste that here. So, you also need your login credentials, your email, and password.

if you notice these icons are greyed but upon clicking the “connect to SharePoint account” button, they are no longer greyed because I’ve been able to connect my AlgoDocs account with my SharePoint account. So, now we have to select a library which we want the documents to be fetched from on SharePoint. So, I’ll be using the tutorial library and we need to also select a folder.

I’ll be using the test folder. I need to select an extractor that will be applied to the documents. I select my extractor and also select a folder on AlgoDocs where the documents will be saved, and I’ll be working with the tutorial’s 3 folders.

I saved that, and what happened? Did anything happen? Okay. So, let’s see. I’m going to be opening the file manager and extracting data in new tabs.

so my folder is empty and the extracted data is also empty

Why is this happening? The answer can be found in our SharePoint account, the folder we select in our library is empty. There are no documents in it.

To correct this, I uploaded a new document to it.

Good. So, now we’ve uploaded it. I head back to my integrations, SharePoint. I clicked the fetch now button. It has fetched.

And I go to the file manager, and my file can be seen. Next, I go to the extracted data page, and now I can see my extracted data.

this confirms that our SharePoint integration with AlgoDocs is live. So, remember, whenever you create a SharePoint integration with AlgoDocs, ensure you have documents uploaded to the specific folder or library that you created the integration with.

We hope you continue to use the numerous features of AlgoDocs, and if have questions or require help with extracting data, you can always reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you.

See you in the next video.