What does ‘Reprocess’ mean?

There are cases when you might need to tweak your extracting rules after uploading a bunch of documents. Since AlgoDocs extracts data based on your extracting rules that you created immediately after upload is complete, all documents that are uploaded will be processed and data will be extracted without your extra commands. However, you might wish to get those documents processed again based on your updated (tweaked) extracting rules. Therefore, in order to apply data extraction to your documents again you need to go to ‘Extracted Data’ section and click on ‘Reprocess’ button. However, before reprocessing you might need to filter documents that you want to reprocess. Therefore, select a folder or change a range of upload dates, then click on ‘Reprocess’ button and your documents will be queued for data extraction based on the last extracting rules.

Note that reprocessing operation does not use extra quota from your balance. You can reprocess as many times as you need. Your quota is deducted only once per page from which data is extracted.