How to import documents via Email?

AlgoDocs offers email integration for importing your documents via email. This integration is especially important in cases when you receive documents via email from either your vendors, clients or partners. Therefore, instead of downloading documents that are sent to your email address as attachemnts, then uploading them manually in file manager of AlgoDocs, you may setup an email integration and let your documents be imported to AlgoDocs automatically. Imported documents via email will be processed immediately.

When you switch to paid subscription AlgoDocs assigns a unique email address to your account. You can redirect incoming emails with attached documents to this assigned email address. You need to create email parsing rules for AlgoDocs to understand which emails to process and based on what conditions. For this, AlgoDocs allows you to create rules based on which you may specify when and which documents to be imported to AlgoDocs, so that other emails or attached documents are simply ignored.

Creating email parsing rules

Every email parsing rule consists of four fields: Filter typeFilter valueSave in folder and Extractor.

In Filter type field you specify the condition, which has three options: Sender e-mail isSubject contains and Body contains. If Sender e-mail is option is selected, then AlgoDocs will parses only those emails that are sent by email address specified in Filter value field. All other emails will be ignored.  However, if either Subject contains or Body contains option is selected, then AlgoDocs parses all emails that are sent to your assigned email address and checks if Filter value is contained either in Subject (if Subject contains option is selected) or in Body (if Body contains option is selected). Note that you may specify several values in Filter value field by separating them by a vertical bar, e.g.||

Save in folder and Extractor fields are quite self explanatory: Save in folder means the folder in which documents sent as attachments will be saved and Extractor field is the extractor that will be applied for extracting data from imported documents.

Watch a two minute video that demonstrates creation of email parsing rules!