How to import documents to AlgoDocs?

There are several ways that you can use for importing/uploading documents to AlgoDocs. One of the simplest and straightforward ways is to upload your documents manually. However, there are other automated ways for importing your documents that we discuss below.

Uploading documents to AlgoDocs manually

AlgoDocs has an easy to use File Manager that you can use for organizing your folders, subfolders and documents. You can upload your documents manually in file manager by right clicking on any folder to which you wish to upload a document. Select Upload in context menu and a new window will appear for uploading your documents. When uploading your documents you need to specify the extractor for these documents. As soon as documents are uploaded AlgoDocs begins processing them immediately based on the extractor you specified during upload.

Importing documents from cloud storage providers and other integration platforms

How to import documents to AlgoDocs ?

AlgoDocs offers multiple cloud storage providers for you to integrate with your account and get your documents imported from them automatically. For example, you can add a Google Drive or Dropbox integration to your AlgoDocs account. AlgoDocs automatically fetches your documents from cloud storage providers every 3-5 minutes. Read more about Google Drive integration here and Dropbox integration here.

On the other hand, you may automate your document workflow using Zapier integration. With Zapier you may import your documents to AlgoDocs from hundreds of different applications and get extracted data back to any other platform of your choice. Read more about Zapier integration here.

Importing documents via E-mail

Import your documents via E-mail integration available in AlgoDocs. With E-mail integration you can forward your incoming emails to the e-mail address assigned to your account by AlgoDocs. This assigned e-mail address belongs to you only. You can fetch all documents that are sent to this assigned e-mail address as attachments and get them processed automatically. Moreover, you can create rules for filtering incoming e-mails and import only those attached documents that meet criteria you defined. Read more about E-mail integration here.

Importing documents by using AlgoDocs REST API

Import your documents using AlgoDocs REST API. With AlgoDocs REST API you can integrate your own application and perform all possible operations such as listing folders in your file manager, listing extractors you created, importing documents from your local drive or using urls of your publicly available documents, and finally get extracted data from your documents. Read more about AlgoDocs REST API here or jump directly to AlgoDocs API Reference.