How to import documents from Dropbox?

One of the cloud storage provider integrations that AlgoDocs offers you is a Dropbox integration. It allows you to import documents from your Dropbox folders that you can specify during integration setup. AlgoDocs allows you to create several integrations for different Dropbox folders. In this article you will learn how to setup a Dropbox integration in AlgoDocs.
Connecting Dropbox to AlgoDocs

After logging in to AlgoDocs, navigate to Integrations section. Under Integrations section click on Dropbox. In order to add a Dropbox integration you first need to add a Dropbox Account. So, select Add Account and follow the steps when you are redirected to Dropbox page. After you complete the steps you will be returned back to AlgoDocs and your Dropbox Account will be available in the dropdown list. Then, select a Dropbox Folder from the dropdown list,  which will contain folders that exist in your Dropbox Account. Third field is AlgoDocs folder where imported documents will be saved, so select a folder you created under the file manager in AlgoDocs. Finally, you select an extractor which will be applied to imported documents for extracting data from them. Then, click on Create button to create an integration. Your created integration will be listed in the Existing Dropbox Integrations table.

Documents are imported from specified account’s folders every 3-5 minutes, then saved in a specified AlgoDocs folder and processed based on the selected extractor. Note that files are deleted from Dropbox folder after they are imported to AlgoDocs!

Watch 35 sec. video that demonstrates Dropbox integration setup!