How to extract table rows from a document?

Table rows data extraction is the most widely used data extraction type in AlgoDocs. AlgoDocs offers very flexible tabular data extraction without limiting the number of rows, columns or number of pages when table spans over hundreds or thousands of pages.

In order to create an extracting rule for table rows select ‘Table‘ as the data field type. You will see that several default column splitters will be placed over your document. You may remove or add more splitters based on your table’s number of columns by clicking on the ‘+’ button on the left side of your document.

As an optional step, you can select an area of your table by drawing a rectangle around the table you want to extract rows from as shown below. Note that we have only 3 splitters placed over the table shown below. This is because we have 4 columns in total.

Please note that selecting an area for the table is fine only in cases when your table is at the fixed position and will never get longer by spanning over multiple pages. So, if there is possibility that your table may span over multiple pages or even if your table never spans over multiple pages, but can move up or down within the same page, then just don’t select an area for it. Please see the following article that describes how to extract tabular data without selecting an area of the table:

After clicking on ‘Extract‘ button the extracted data is displayed as shown below. In order to remove column headers that were also extracted, we apply ‘Keep Rows‘ filter with a condition ‘Where column 2 has digits only‘.

As a final step we can set the column headers of our extracted table by clicking ‘Add Filter‘  ‘Alter Columns‘  ‘Set Column Headers‘.