How to extract table rows from a document without selecting an area of the table?

We have discussed table rows extraction in details in previous article How to extract table rows from a document?

In this article we we talk about extracting table rows using more advanced approach, i.e. without simply selecting an area of our table by drawing a rectangle around it. Therefore, we follow the same steps as in previous article by placing column splitters based on our table’s columns and then click ‘Extract‘ button without selecting an area of the table.

This time AlgoDocs will extract all data from the document and place it into the 4 columns table as shown below. In order to get only the line items of our invoice we need to specify the beginning and the end of our table. For this, we apply ‘Add Filter‘  ‘Alter Rows‘  ‘Keep Section‘ and in ‘Keep Section‘ filter we select ‘With Condition‘ option, which allows us to specify start and end section of the table. When we look at our data in the table we see that our actual line items that we want to extract begin after the word ‘DESCRIPTION’ in column 1 and ends just before the word ‘Subtotal’ in column 3.

As a final step we can set the column headers of our extracted table by clicking ‘Add Filter‘  ‘Alter Columns‘  ‘Set Column Headers‘.