How to extract data using RegEx (Regular Expression)?

Data extraction using RegEx (Regular Expression) is widely used in AlgoDocs, since in some complex or special cases it gives our users full flexibility. In order to create an extracting rule that uses RegEx you should select a ‘Regular Expression‘ as the data field type. Another way of applying RegEx is to click on ‘Add Filter‘ ‘Find …‘ ‘Find by Regex‘.

In the following example we demonstrate the usage of RegEx in AlgoDocs.

  • Find all dates in a document with ‘M/d/yyyy’ format. For this we will use d{1,2}/d{1,2}/d{4}. If you want AlgoDocs to return all matches, then check ‘Global‘.

You may visit for more information on regular expressions. Please contact our support team in case you need help with RegEx in your extracting rules.