How secure is my data with AlgoDocs?

We take our users’ data security very seriously. Starting from internal development, operations and up to DevOps processes themselves have been constructed to provide maximum data security. From network and cloud instance logical security to physical data center security, AlgoDocs is able to secure services, data and access.

All transactions between you and AlgoDocs are SSL encrypted. Whenever our users upload their documents to AlgoDocs or obtain extracted data from AlgoDocs either using interface, API or other integrations, the communication is secured through HTTPS encryption. Moreover, user login passwords are stored in our databases one-way hashed using advanced hashing algorithms. Please read our Security and Compliance for more information.

How safe is my data?

All the documents you import to AlgoDocs and the data extracted from them are kept confidential and not accessed by anyone, except you. There are exceptional cases when your data might be accessed by our limited staff members only in cases you request technical support and assistance. We never disclose, use for own purposes or resell your documents or the data extracted from them.
Your documents are processed on Amazon Webservices Cloud. Our servers are always kept updated with latest releases and secured.

You can get more information from the following resources:  Legal NoticeSecurity and CompliancePrivacy Policy and Terms of Service.