How pricing system works in AlgoDocs?

AlgoDocs is based on the monthly or annual subscription plans. Every subscription plan has a quota for the number of pages to process, so your quota indicates the number of pages you can process. Annual subscriptions save you two months in comparison to monthly subscription plans.

AlgoDocs charges only for the pages it processes! We charge only for the work we do, not more. Imagine you have a pdf file with 100 pages, but the data that you need to extract from such file resides on the first page only. In such case, AlgoDocs will not charge you for 100 pages, but for 1 page only, because it will process only the first page and ignore the rest. So, your quota will always be reduced by the number of processed pages.

Does reprocessing operation use extra quota?

No, reprocessing the same document does not cost you anything extra. Therefore, you may reprocess your documents multiple times and nothing will be deducted from your quota. Your quota is used only the first time your imported documents are processed.

Can I use all of my quota during a year when my subscription is annual?

Yes, of course. AlgoDocs is flexible in terms of quota usage. When your subscription is monthly, then your quota naturally will be reset every month. However, when you are on annual subscription, then your quota will be reset once a year only. Therefore, if you need you can use all of your quota given to you within the first month of your subscription or even keep it throughout a year and use all of it during the last month of your subscription period. In other words, your quota is not reset monthly when you are subscribed annually. So, when you are subscribed annually you are not forced to use your quota every month, but instead use your quota throughout a year whenever you need it.

Is remaining quota transferred to the next billing cycle?

No, it is not. The quota assigned to your subscription plan is expected to be used until the expiration of your subscription. If your usage varies from month to month, you may consider subscribing monthly to different plans based on your needs.

Is my quota used for extra operations such as splitting a document?

No, it is not. Your quota is used only in one case – processing a page and by “processing” we mean data extraction. Splitting operation does not involve data extraction, so we don’t charge for it.