Extract handwritten text from scanned PDFs and images

AlgoDocs uses the deep learning to extract handwritten text

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engines are primarily focused on machine-printed text and may produce low accuracy for handwritten text. Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) is an advanced recognition system that is used to recognize handwritten text. This allows the automatic conversion of text in an image into letter codes that are usable within computer and text-processing applications.

Although many processes involve computer-based operations and are implemented in a digital environment, paper is still vastly used across most core business processes such as mortgage origination, order fulfillment, contracts, and other documents that usually require handwritten input and signatures.

Nowadays, the digitalization of paper documents plays an important role, and deciding on the right data capture software is critical since handwriting recognition unlike printed text recognition is a more complex task that usually involves advanced deep learning algorithms.

AlgoDocs: Deep Learning Handwriting Recognizer

AlgoDocs is capable of converting handwritten text into machine-printed text with high accuracy. With the ICR of AlgoDocs, you can automate your document processing workflow and get rid of manual data entry. Scan your paper documents with handwritten text and let AlgoDocs automatically extract data and convert it to Excel or JSON.

Let’s consider the following portion of a scanned document, which contains a table of two columns filled with handwritten numbers.

If you upload this image to your account at AlgoDocs, you will see the following output, which has 100% accuracy. AlgoDocs uses advanced ICR engines trained with Artificial Intelligence algorithms and Deep Learning.

The above example includes mostly digits. Another example with characters is given below.

The following is the extracted text by AlgoDocs from the above image.

As we can see AlgoDocs performs well in handwritten text extraction from scanned documents.

Feel free to start a free subscription right now and test your handwritten scanned documents. You can use AlgoDocs free forever with 50 pages per month. If you need to process a higher number of pages, then please see our affordable pricing plans.

If you have specific requirements and need a custom solution, please contact us.

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